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Lelei’s and Gus’ Everyday Life

Olá! Rio de Janeiro and London are two polar opposites, just like me and Gus, but it has been proven time and time again that opposites attract each other, so that’s why I stayed here. I really miss Rio sometimes, and I got really nostalgic last time me and Gus went there for a visit. It was Gus’ first time in Rio and he fell in love with it, I almost thought he was gonna insist that we move there! But, we’ve just built our lives in London – I’ve been here for two years already, and Gus grew up here, so for now, moving doesn’t make much sense. And I like living in London, even though it’s very different from Rio. It has its own charm, and it’s beautiful in its own way.

Both of us work as web designers, so we often talk about work at home. We work with different companies so we inspire each other. Even before we got married we were best friends and understood each other perfectly. Gus supports me and I support him, and we hope that maybe one day we’ll even have our own company. But all in good times.

For now, we just enjoy doing things together. I love the pubs here and I really like beer. Before I moved to London I rarely drank beer. In Rio, we mostly drink cocktails or other exotic non-alcoholic beverages, so beer isn’t really at the top of the list. But is there any comparison, really? Caipirinha is still the best drink for me, but those two are in two completely different categories. It’s weird that I grew to love beer and Gus grew to love Caipirinha, but that’s us!

You know, you have to be open to trying new things. Gus and I are getting better at it, now that we’re married. We try new pubs, new restaurants, new recipes, and drinks, we’re even experimenting with appliances! We recently got a new tankless heater. They’re more expensive but save you a lot of money in the long run because they use a lot less energy. We’ve found a way to prevent it from freezing in the winter from Tankless Center, so that’s on our to-do list!

Well, Gus came home two hours ago and we’ll have some dinner. We’ve been eating dinner in front of the tele while watching some of our favorite shows.

Until next time, chau!

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