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What a Tangled Web We Design

Web design is my passion.  Several year ago, I left the comfort of my home country of Brazil and relocated in London, England to study.  I learned state of the art technology and learned it from the best of the best.  But what attracted me to web design in the first place?

One reason I chose to go into web design is the demand for it.  The internet is exploding constantly.  Every day there are more sites and more people going into an online business endeavor.  It isn’t likely that the internet boom has an end anytime soon so I wanted to be part of it.

I also wanted something that did not tie me down to one particular spot.  I love to travel and to try new things and live in new places so I wanted a skill I could easily pack up and take with me, no matter where I end up.  Now that I am through school, I do have a job in London but I am still mobile if I wish to be.

So along with the supply and demand being right on target for web design, the main reason I chose the field is the ability to use my creative skills.  I can be artistic and use my imagination too.  I can blend what I think looks and feels good with what my client wants and come up with a fantastic site.

My favorite thing to do is to make something out of nothing.  I like taking an idea and making it happen.  When a client comes to me with scattered pieces of his or her dream and usually little to no details of how to go about it or final product requests, it’s up to me to figure it out and to put the puzzle together.  I don’t always get it right and sometimes it is a painstaking process that requires redo after redo but the end result is incredible.

It take skill to design a web site.  That’s what is taught in school.  There’s more to it than most can even imagine and what you do in HTML is generally not as you would expect when you flip over to the way it will look on the page.  That is something you learn with time and get a feel for.

Flash is my forte.  I just love learning more and more about it and really like animation effects too.  Color psychology is intriguing to me.  And the funny thing is that it tends to really be true that people react certain ways to certain colors.  I incorporate color psychology into all my work and any other psychology I can rustle up as well.

Graphics are ultra- important.  There’s an art to graphics too but also there are technical aspects that must be addressed.  There are rules to follow that will help make the design successful.  There is still lot of room for creativity too though.

It takes diligence and patience to design web sites.  HTML is not easy at first and can be challenging even for the more advanced.  It can be technical which can get boring and that is when I keep the end product in mind.

I am a very organized person which certainly helps in web design.  Everything has a place and I like everything to be in that place.  It’s important to be organized and to be precise also.

Web design is perfect for me.  It gives me flexibility but also offers a stable platform for which I can build my career.  I feel knowing web design gives me an upper edge in a field that is known for its cutting edge.

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