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The Dynamics of “24”

I am a huge, huge fan of the show “24”.  I cannot get enough of the action packed episodes and all the wonderful characters that I have come to know and love…or detest.  I have my favourites, of course.  Some I love and some I love to hate.

Let’s begin with Jack Bauer.  Jack is a federal agent but he has an approachable and very likeable air about him.  He’s always saving the day.  He’s cute too and comes from good blood in real life.  Donald Sutherland is his father and is a superb actor who was in some really awesome movies like “The Hunger Games”.

Chloe O’Brian is so me.  She is always doing favors that are not on her list of things to do that often get her in a bit of trouble.  She goes above and beyond but doesn’t stay within the descriptions of her duties.  She is very intelligent and is Jack’s trusted co-worker.  I like her and can relate her in many ways.

Gotta love Tony Almeida.  He is just plain good at what he does.  He’d better be for he is the highest paid member of the cast.  Tony is always the character in suspense and I love that.  You just never know what’s going to happen with him.

The show teaches me a lot about real life every time I watch it and maybe that is why I love it so.  I learn the importance of being a leader and how to be a good one.  There’s a huge responsibility that comes along with being a leader.  To be a good leader, you have to not only give orders but do so in a way in which others respond to.  I guess I have learned the most about leadership form Jack.

Being a good team player is important in life too.  That is easily learned in the show.  Chloe is one of the best to learn from.  She goes the extra mile and I respect that and do that in my own life as well.  Sometimes there are those who are pulling the opposite way, just like in real life, but when it all comes down to it, the goal is accomplished with everyone works together.

There are personality traits and quirky characteristics about all of the roles played on the show.  That is just how it is in everyday life.  We all have our bad side and hopefully, our good side as well.  It’ that coming together with tolerance and acceptance and that feeling of comradery that sets the tone for the show and makes it the classic that it will always be.

I can watch “24” over and over again and in fact, I do.  My friends and my husband don’t understand why I am such an obsessed fan and sometimes, neither do I.  Every time I flip it on and settle in for another episode, I get a warm feeling, like I am at home.  I am from Brazil and live in London so feeling like I am at home with my favourite people is a warm and wonderful thing.

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