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Such a Thoughtful Man I Married!

I love the nightlife and coffee houses of London. When I am bored with the tele, I pick a new restaurant to explore. I like a variety of food and the city has much to offer on that score. It is a big metropolis full of exciting propositions. You can never run out of things to do. You can walk the streets forever and find new things at every turn whether it be a shop, a café, a movie house, or a theater. London is a grand place to live with all its regional magic. I am not a native so everything is a novelty to me. My husband usually accompanies me and we share rich experiences.

Gus is a thoughtful husband and let me tell you why. Recently he gave me a keychain flashlight so I am never completely in the dark. I’d been looking at them online, and he saw this web site over my shoulder – http://www.flashlightpro.net/best-small-edc-flashlights/. He worries that I might wander occasionally alone and need a small device to light the way. Nothing too imposing, mind you. Just enough illumination to read the outside of doors for example. Maybe I want to see the menu before I venture in. He heard about a friend of mine who got lost in the depths of St. John’s Wood. While it is a safe neighborhood, you feel unsettled when you are unfamiliar with the territory and can barely make out the street names, not to mention a map. She had gone off for miles before she got her bearings. He didn’t want this to happen to me. I am more practical, however, and usually plan my treks in advance. I often just repeat old paths and wait to be with Gus before I try something new and daring. I want to go to places where we have never been, even riding the tube to get there. This way we can select a new region each weekend and bone up on the highlights to be seen there, day or night.

I am sure that each and every one of you has a favorite London story and romantic spot. The pubs are quaint, the architecture is phenomenal, and there is the vast glory of Hyde Park. Day trips are easiest when we can remember how we have proceeded to our destination, but the city is a special place at night. Just keep that keychain handy. You never know when it will be needed. I have often tried to read signs posted on walls or directions that I am carrying in my bag. I keep a journal of places I have been so that I can share them with newcomers or family back home. Each location has its story to tell. The people are unique and all together dozens of neighborhoods comprise the varied cosmopolitan city. But even with ethnic conclaves, there is something very British about it all, especially as you tour the major monuments and landmarks. Let’s give a big cheer to the city of London and all the treasures it holds.

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