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About Us

Welcome to my blog. My name is Lelei. I’m a twenty-five year old Brazilian living in England for two years now. Everyone wants to know why I traded in the tranquil beach and rainforest hills of Rio de Janeiro for the rainy and over-priced bustling city of London. Good question!

I came to England, initially, to study web design. My intent was to return home upon completion but…I fell in love. I married my best friend, Gus, at the end of my first year here and we have no plans to move. The location is ace for us.

Gus and I don’t have children yet so we are enjoying the nightlife and coffee houses of the city. At night time, we hang out in our flat and watch the tele. I turn into a couch potato when the sun goes down. I am an avid fan of the shows “24”, “Britain’s Got Talent”, “Top Gear” and many more.