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A Brazilian in London: Trials and Triumphs of a Girl Just Finding Her Way in Life


Living in London is exciting and challenging at the same time. As a transplant from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the adjustment has been a life-changing one for me. In this new and barmy country, I have lived to learn and learned to live.

I came to London to study web design at one of the most notorious schools in the field. At first I was lost. Everything seemed so outrageously expensive but I soon learned the ins and outs of student living on a shoestring budget. I found the coffeehouses with internet access and also the places I could afford to eat at.

It rains a lot in London. It’s a much different rain that we have in Brazil. Brazil is known for having the largest raindrops on earth but I believe that London has many more of them. London can get blooming cold too. It’s a wet cold that I was not accustomed to at first. But proudly I can say that I have acclimated and don’t too much notice the weather at all any longer.

I was petrified to take the tube for the first time. I occasionally ride a folding bicycle when the weather allows but that is not so often. Compared to a cab, the tube is bugger all so I really had no choice but to learn to ride it. I had heard tale of people being pushed under it during rush hour and was shaking with fear when I first did it but now, two years later, I must admit that I am a pro. The tube is cracking now that I have mastered it.

The pubs here in London are just as I had imagined. Oftentimes in the winter you will find a fire ablaze and picked eggs for the taking. I am an avid sports fan so I fit right in to the scene. I also like a good ale.

I actually met my husband at the pub I frequent so pubs are close to my heart. Funny, but I thought Piccadilly Circus was an actual circus with elephants, clowns and dogs jumping through hoops. Was I ever surprised! Piccadilly Circus is actually a road junction on the West End of town where you can find an underground theatre, fabulous shopping and a whole lot of fun. Gus and I still jump the tube and head on over at least once a week.

I have had the pleasure of meeting quite a number of students and others from Brazil which makes me feel closer to home. We dine out regularly and one special friend was even in my wedding party. We
share memories of home and comical stories of when we first arrived in London.

I have been fortunate enough to land a great job here. That is not easy to do for I have heard it said that you need to have family in London to get a job in the city at all. Such is not the case. I attribute my new career to the excellent schooling I have received which is chuffed, for sure.

Being a Brazilian in London is challenging but it is wonderful too. I love my home country but would not trade my experiences here for anything. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

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